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Coghlans Survival Signal Mirror is useful in emergencies, routing signaling or for any mirror application. This compact, 2 x 3 inch signal mirror is lightweight insurance for your outdoor adventures.

  • Smaller than a business card and weighing only 2 oz., this mirror is easy to tuck into your pack.
  • High quality mirror glass is virtually distortion free, providing the best light reflectivity available.

Signal Mirror Instructions:

1. Reflect sunlight from the mirror onto a nearby surface i.e. the ground, raft, hand, etc.

2. Slowly bring the mirror up to eye level and look through the sighting hole. You will see a bright light spot. This is your arm indicator.

3. Holding the mirror close to your eye, slowly turn and manipulate the aim indicator (the bright spot) so that it is on the target.

4. Moving the aim indicator on and off the target will cause the mirror to flash in the eyes of your target.

5. Continue sweeping the horizon even when there are no visible search craft. Mirror flashes may be seen for many miles even in hazy weather.

Practical Tips:

  • In sunlight the mirror flash can be seen for over 10 miles (16 km).
  • At night hold a light source (flashing or candle) close to the reflective surface. The flash signal can be seen at considerable distances (dependent on the brightness of the light source).
  • Even if the mirror has been accidentally broken, it will still function normally. Be extremely careful, however. Loose shards of glass on the mirror surface could cut the skin.
  • Always store in the padded pouch provided
  • Model: SVA-C9900

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