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FreeCharge 12V

The FreeCharge 12V provides emergency power to a mobile phone, PDA, iPod, GPS receiver, or any other electronic device for which you have (or can get) a cigarette-lighter adapter. Wind its hand crank to generate electricity and put power straight into your device. Never be unable to use your mobile phone, or other important device, just because its battery has run down.

The FreeCharge 12V Personal Energy Source is a lightweight, durable and efficient power source for mobile phones and other electronic devices. The self-charge system is powered entirely by winding a hand crank, so is independent of all conventional power supplies or batteries, enabling you to make and receive calls, or charge other personal electronic devices, at any time.

The FreeCharge 12V consists of a generic base unit and interfaces to the coupled device through a generic cigarette lighter socket. The charging protocols are matched to each paired device by plugging in a cigarette lighter charger specific to each device (not supplied). With a comfortable and sustainable winding effort, the FreeCharge 12V will adapt its output to match the requirements of the recipient device via the cigarette charger.

Regulated to deliver the same voltage output as an automobile while cranking, the FreeCharge 12V provides a portable power supply for a wide range of applications using up to 12V. The FreeCharge 12V is equipped with an LED charge level indicator that illuminates when the crank handle is turned at an optimum speed. Charge and talk times will vary between devices and accessory chargers.

The FreeCharge 12V has no internal battery, allowing for the direct and efficient transfer of energy directly into the recipient device. Internal mechanical components are specified to industrial standards for repeated use and long life. There are no degradable components - offering extended storage life without any decay in performance - the generic cigarette lighter interface providing both forward and reverse compatibility for practically all mobile phones and personal electronic devices (iPod, GPS, PDA etc.), from obsolete older models to those yet to be released.


  • Green energy - a sustainable energy solution that's built to last. The power mechanism is tested to 500 000 input cycles (or 12 million alternator cycles). Absolute independence from all conventional power sources - no grid or batteries required ever.
  • The FreeCharge 12V has no degradable components, so can be stored indefinitely in an emergency preparedness kit, camping bag, holiday cabin or just around the house.
  • The FreeCharge 12V contains no internal batteries, saving cost and increasing charge efficiency by transferring converted human energy directly into the recipient devices battery.
  • The generic cigarette lighter socket allows you to carry one FreeCharge 12V and charge all of your personal electronic devices (cell phone, PDA, iPod, GPS etc.) with a single base charger.
  • The FreeCharge 12V will charge your old products, your current products and those yet to be released simply by connecting the appropriate car charger accessory.
  • It is lightweight and portable, and easy to crank.
  • The plastic molding makes it easy to carry and use in cold weather.
  • An ideal backup power supply that puts the power in your hands, ensuring that you'll always be able to make that emergency call, get a GPS location fix, or just listen to a few more songs on your MP3 player.
  • Instant power on demand, when you need it and where you need it.
  • Lasts virtually forever.

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